iMasons Climate Accord

Signatories include AWS, Google, Meta, Microsoft
and Leading Data Center Platforms Globally

A historic coalition united on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure.

Cumulus Data and our parent company, Talen Energy, have joined other industry leaders who commit to achieving carbon neutrality by uniting together to adopt a common standard enabled by solutions such as the Cumulus carbon-free digital infrastructure platform.
Press Release

Significant progress is being made at our flagship, carbon-free data center campus.

The first Cumulus data center, a 48 MW powered shell is currently under construction and will be completed in the second half of 2022. Two additional 48 MW powered shells are in advanced development to deliver 150 MW of capacity in Phase I and aggregate capacity for the Cumulus Data hyperscale campus of 475 MW.

    See how the geographical size of our campus stacks up against Ashburn, VA.

    We created a quick video that overlays Ashburn, VA, with the Cumulus Data campus to highlight the size and scale of what we are building.

    Download the Cumulus Data overview to learn more about how we are solving the energy trilemma for digital infrastructure customers.


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