About Cumulus Data

Hyperscale data centers directly connected to low-cost, carbon-free power

The Cumulus Data Mission.

We intend to advance the world’s transition to clean energy by leading the environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) transformation of the power and digital infrastructure sectors.

We believe the electrification of the world is accelerating as a result of technology adoption in nearly every aspect of human life and economic activity. This technology adoption has resulted in the accelerating convergence between the growth of digital infrastructure assets, such as hyperscale cloud data centers, and increasing technology consumer demand for (1) zero-carbon, (2) low-cost, and (3) reliable electricity required to power technology applications. We call this the “trilemma” that faces digital infrastructure electricity consumers, as there are currently few options in the marketplace that fulfill these three requirements at once. We intend to help solve this trilemma through our Talen - Cumulus Data Platform.

A seasoned team of data center and energy industry professionals delivering hyperscale data centers directly connected to low-cost, carbon-free power.

Alex Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer, Cumulus Data & Talen Energy

Scott Hanna
Chief Revenue Officer, Cumulus Data

Kevin Dalton
Chief Data Center Officer, Cumulus Data

Debra Raggio
Senior Vice President, Regulatory & External Affairs

Dustin Wertheimer
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Cumulus Data

Ken Gasior
Chief Information Officer, Cumulus Data

Olivia Sigo
Managing Director Capital Planning and Risk

Julie LaBella
Senior Director, Regulatory & External Affairs

Solving the increasing consumer demand for zero-carbon, low-cost, reliable electricity.

Up to 475 MW

leaseable data center capacity at one of the lowest all-in power costs in the U.S.

$0.029 / kWh

guaranteed long-term power pricing paired with competitive lease rates.


24x7 carbon-free nuclear power with the option to supplement with 400+ MW of solar power.

Cumulus + Talen

backed by Talen Energy, a leading power producer with 13 GW of generation.

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