Benefits of Nuclear Energy

See why nuclear energy is the ideal zero-carbon solution to power the data center industry.

Nuclear energy is zero-carbon, low-cost, reliable, and safe

...and powers 1 in 5 U.S. homes and businesses.

Nuclear energy generates 50% of the nation's carbon-free electricity and 20% of its total electricity.


Operational excellence and efficiency drive affordable electricity for homes and businesses.


Nuclear plants operate 24/7/365 making them the ideal zero-carbon complement to wind/solar.


Nuclear plants are designed with redundant safety systems to withstand the most severe conditions.

Nuclear lifecycle GHG emissions lower than wind or solar

According to a study by the UN, nuclear energy’s lifecycle GHG emissions are lower than wind or solar. And, with its always-on power, nuclear is the ideal carbon-free solution to power the data center industry.

Nuclear's always-on power makes it the ideal solution to power the data center industry

Always-on, 24/7/365

In 2021, U.S. nuclear power plants had an average capacity factor of 93%, making nuclear energy the most reliable source of energy on the grid.

Highly efficient

The energy density of uranium and the world-class operations of nuclear plants, make nuclear a highly efficient form of energy.


All 55 U.S. nuclear plants avoid more carbon emissions annually than the emissions produced by 100 million passenger vehicles.

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