ESG & Sustainability

Redundant nuclear power + solar

Direct connection to zero-carbon nuclear power

Sustainability Goals

Direct connection to always-on, zero-carbon energy meets sustainability goals with improved efficiency.


Ultra-reliable with redundant onsite 1+ GW nuclear units and independent substations.

Abundant & Stable

Nuclear is the most abundant & stable zero-carbon energy source.

Tap into 400+ MW of solar within 50 miles of the campus

Multiple options to tap into Cumulus Renewables' solar plans which include six Pennsylvania solar sites (400+ MW) being developed and another 1,000+ MW of wind & solar planned across the U.S.
Holtwood Solar

20 MW | Holtwood, PA

Sunbury Solar

20 MW | Sunbury, PA

PA Project 4

140 MW | Pennsylvania

PA Project 5

61 MW | Pennsylvania

PA Project 6

64 MW | Pennsylvania

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