Converging Digital Infrastructure & Clean Power

Hyperscale data centers directly connected to
zero-carbon, low-cost, reliable power.

Meeting the growing demand for zero-carbon, low-cost, reliable power

There are currently few options that fulfill the rapidly increasing consumer demand for zero-carbon, low-cost, and reliable electricity at once - and at massive scale.

1,200-acre, zero-carbon hyperscale campus

  • 65-MW Data Center 1 powered shell now available
  • Design for Data Center 1 is optimized for customers to have flexibility on deployments
  • Fiber builds commenced with several carriers: 5+ carriers with 3 points of entry on the campus

Up to 950 MW of data center capacity

475 MW capacity scalable to 950 MW

IT load fed by on-site, zero-carbon, nuclear power with dual independent 475MVA substations; can be scaled up to 950 MW with additional infrastructure.

1,200 acres

1,200-acre campus offers large-scale opportunity and design flexibility with build-to-suit option.

Industry-leading TCO

On-site power generation enables industry-leading TCO and a low all-in power cost.

Zero-carbon nuclear power

Campus is directly connected to 24x7 ultra-reliable, zero-carbon nuclear power.

Direct connection to nuclear power results in low all-in power costs

Colocation next to zero-carbon generation removes transmission and distribution charges from the power bill resulting in lower power costs.

See the benefits of nuclear energy and why it's the ideal
zero-carbon solution to power the data center industry

Benefits of Nuclear